Living With Irving

Alright, here is our new Indian terminology for the day…..House Lizard. To be accurately used in sentences such as, “Lee…stop screaming like a ten year old girl, it’s only a HOUSE LIZARD!”  Or “Why are you standing on the kitchen counter? Did the HOUSE LIZARD frighten you?” Look, I am not a girly man, okay? I can hunt, change tires and pull wings off flies like the best of them.  But sneak attacks by flicky tongued, bog eyed, fast like greased pig lighting reptiles can be a little unnerving when one is not accustomed to it…and I…….am not. I don’t think it breaches any article of The Bro Code or involves me turning in my “Made of Authentic Hairy Man Club” membership card to admit that.

Read on Macduff…

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