Cozumel My love. Pt. 1


Islands, I’ve seen a few. But then again, not too few to mention. (Sorry Frank) But it is true, I’m a bit of an island addict. One of my most treasured self indulgences is crawling all over some culturally rich and colourful archipelago with a water bottle and camera. I’ve explored some so small they were little more than a spit of land with a tree. Literally while standing in the middle, on a very low lying hill, you can see both coasts. There have been some so large I couldn’t mange to cover them all in a jeep with a full tank of fuel and a guide. But I dig them, each and every one. Islands are like past lovers; each is special, each with their own set of memories, sweet and sour; distinct moments in time that harbor their own individual fragrances, melodies and flavor.  One such jewel in my memories box is Cozumel…..

Read on Macduff…

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