India’s Killing Fields



I wrote this piece shortly after returning from a grueling 9 hour  journey on my motorcycle. The next day I wrote the second draft softening some of the edges and patting down some of the anger. After re-reading both drafts and after much deliberation and consideration, I have opted to publish my original piece. While it may be confrontational and inflammatory I feel it is more representative of my honest feelings and reflects my present state of mind. I truly believe THAT is what people who follow my work wish to read…


The mentality of Indian motorists is beyond stupidity. It’s insane. There, I’ve said it. I have held my tongue and suffered these fools long enough. The facts are simple, clear and undeniable. India’s roads are killing fields. There is zero regard for human life, no respect for traffic laws and absolutely no accountability for behavior while driving here. Period! To worsen the matter, most Indians seem delusional when confronted with this fact. I recently read a question on Quora asking why Indian drivers are so bad. The query was met with ridicule and abuse. One reply actually said “Indians are the best instinctual driver in the world. The “BEST!” It left me shaking my head in astonishment.  I could write a book on the inadequacy of the drivers here, this isn’t hearsay, perception or fabrication. I have witnessed it firsthand. Every time I take to the roads, I see dozens of reckless acts that endanger someone’s life.

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