You opened the about me page?? I’m not sure what to say really, I didn’t actually expect anyone to look….I don’t want to tell you TOO much, or what will I blog about? Well, by way of a proper introduction you can call me Lee, The Wandering Hippy. As a younger man I was called The Outlaw, but alas, that attitude has passed on. I am what is commonly referred to as a Canadian born Brit.  Born in Canada to English parents, with English siblings.  This always left me feeling a little alienated from my family. They watched football, I saw it as soccer, football was a totally img_20140731_145234_edit_editdifferent thing man! I like tomatoes, they preferred tomaaatoes, shrimp and cocktail sauce verses prawns and dip, and at the lake I wanted to put on my swimming trunks, while my father insisted I wear a BATHING COSTUME!….I could go on, but either way that was all a long time ago, and I’m well over it…..

I grew up a proud Canadian with strong English roots, embracing my heritage while staying very loyal to by beloved Maple Leaf and soon realized I had the best of both worlds.

As the years rolled on, I pursued any number of admirable professions,  a media relocation specialist (newspaper boy, from my wagon to your doorstep) coffee shop barista (counimg_0866ter help at a local donut shop), roadie for rock bands, an industrial clutch mechanic,  truck dock laborer, auto industry assembly line aficionado, pipe fitter, commercial fire inspector, service manager, project manager, and I finally landed as lead estimator for a huge and profitable fire protection company….a shark in a suit. Not bad for a high school graduate with a little bit of college. I enjoyed  plenty of hobbies and pass times also, like skiing, some tennis, baseball and football, the Canadian kind, after a very brief playing career I coached for almost 20 years.
I am guitarist in a rock and roll band here in Delhi and at home I actually played John Lennon for a time in a stage show about the recording of Abby Rd. But in the end, it was a serious love of travel that stuck to me like glue. An insatiable lust to experience new and different places.

I guess that is what eventually landed me here in India…Like Elvin Bishop said, “I fooled around and fell in love”…with a country, with a culture, but mostly, with a woman. So here I sit, an ex wound up, over stressed, high strung North Americanite up to my nipples in the calming waters of the mystic east. I really only had two choices, blog about it….or go insane…………..well, you decide.img_20160806_112929