Rubber Soul – The Most Significant Beatles Album Ever

Among the majority of Beatles freaks and fanatics, it is generally agreed that Rubber Soul was the turn around album for The Beatles.  Their departure album. It is not just a collection of singles. Rubber Soul is a cohesive album meant to be listened to, preferably stoned, start to finish. Yet I believe it is something more. I think it is the most significant Beatles album ever produced. Whoa, Whoa, I can hear you screaming Sgt. Pepper and Abbey Rd. already….let me try to explain…

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In My Life

John Lennon. Rock star, peace politician, lover, poet, scared, lost, angry….legend. In My Life, he was God…not a God, just God.

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Nahin Rock and Roll Bro!

 “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music”                 

Friedrich Nietzsche

Why would anyone stubbornly stick to a classic rock addenda for a band in India? Why would you insist on a primarily Beatles, Stones, and Doors set list as you struggle to find appreciative audiences? Why cling to rock and roll in New Delhi when we hear “not interested” from nine venues before the tenth “will give us a shot?” Continually swimming against a Sufi tide, and all we need to do, is add a couple of pop songs to our line up to make us “Western Music Palatable.”

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