2016 – A Year of Wandering

Wandering….what a concept! When I dropped out of the rat race in 2013, I sincerely had NO idea where I was headed or what I was doing. I mean, there was a loose plan; but in all honesty, I was flying blind. Now here I sit in the fresh ka ka diaper of 2017, just two days old, and I am still unsure, still navigating with a makeshift plan, a concept, an idea…hell man, I’m still just wandering. As I reflect back over the adventures I’ve had with Mrs. R (my wife,) and Mina (my motorcycle) in 2016, I realize…turning my back on traditional society, thumbing my nose at the North American ideals, embracing the wanderlust, leaping unafraid (seriously scared actually) into the unknown and blazing my own trail was the sanest thing I have ever done…

.. sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. – Mark Twain.

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It’s a Water Snake!! Pt. 2

Our arrival at Keoladeo National Park aka Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Rajasthan,was a bit of a kerfuffle…that is to say it got our feathers in a ruffle…rather apropos. The hotel is inside the park and the bird militia stationed at the gate wanted an entry fee, so we could get to our hotel…in the park….and a parking fee….to park, at our hotel…in the park. 

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Its a Water Snake!! Pt. 1

It came through a fog, droning, haunting, somehow very familiar, yet completely unknown to me, melodic, dreamy…a sitar, a tabla…in my bedroom? As consciousness came to me, I realized what it was. My alarm. The one I use for gentle awakenings, the awakenings that you know the night before are going to hurt. Like this one, 4:10 am…time to get up; today we are off on another bike adventure.

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