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Memoirs Of A Motorcycle Madman

Delve into the hilarious misadventures of this uptight Ex-North American as he shares some select experiences while touring through India. Armed only with his 500 cc motorcycle, a band of brothers clearly as crazy as he is and a burning wanderlust, Mr. Nolan finds himself atop mountains, in scorching deserts and occasionally tangling with the Border Security Force. These delightful and somewhat twisted tales are not to be missed

Blood & Brown Sugar

Motorcycles, guns, heroin. These things were not a part of Alex Crossman’s life. He was a simple young man, leading a peaceful, mundane existence. Right up to the moment he accidentally injures a member of Montreal’s most nefarious motorcycle club, the Chevaux de Fer. As recompense, Alex is forced to travel to India and escort the Club’s latest drug shipment home.

While under the watchful eye of the Club’s Indian contingent and ensnared by the seductive charms of its president’s mistress, Ipsita Chaudhary, Alex begins his dark and agonizing metamorphosis from a law-abiding citizen to outlaw biker.

Now, inescapably leveraged into the gang’s sinister world and with the Narcotics Control Bureau in hot pursuit, he struggles to resist the incessant pull of this dark and unfamiliar lifestyle. A lifestyle fraught with tainted love and criminal behaviour. Long dead ghosts from his past whisper to his subconscious, luring him down a twisted and terrifying path of self-realization.

During a final showdown in the jungles of Goa, Alex’s conscience and ego clash in a culmination of good versus evil, love versus hate, and face off in a battle for dominance of his soul. With his moral compass skewed, he is left directionless and desperate.

Will Alex embrace the passionate call of his renegade self and make the impossible choices that will change his life forever? Or could there be another, less dangerous way out?

A Crate Of Rags & Bones

These dusty crates are filled with twenty dark tales that have been penned specifically to frustrate your slumber and incite insomnia. A stew of sinister intent as it were. A pinch of horror, a splash of mystery, two dashes of murder, and smatterings of suspense have all been brought to a boil and congealed into this olio of evil.

Within, you will find witches cackling as they reclaim their youth, a snarling coy wolf in a fight for survival, a banshee wailing about her homicide, and long dead pirates howling for revenge. A judgmental apple tree observes illicit lovers, a tyrannical government of a dismal future punishes dissidents with impunity, and a distraught vampire who seeks his own demise. These, as well as a host of other characters, endure experiences that test the bounds of rational thought.

Each story is unique, with yarns spun across multiple timelines, spanning numerous countries and continents to draw taut your tether to comfort and reality. Whether in India, Canada, Romania, or England, peering through the dingy lace of a Victorian past, or shielding your eyes from the ominous glow of a dystopian future, these tales have been woven to shroud your heart within the inky black of pure terror.

Pry open each crate in the safety of daylight and with the utmost of caution, for here, there be monsters.